We design creative, experiential training courses that get lasting results. Our delivery couldn’t be further from the staid classroom environment and the famous ‘involve me and I learn’ quote is our mantra. With us, training is interactive without being embarrassing, appealing to introverts and extroverts alike.

Tell us your requirement, and we’ll get to work. Our three step process gives us the opportunity to get to know your organisation, uncover the precise developmental needs of your people and sculpt an experiential training programme that’s the perfect fit. Our NPS averages 96%, but we go beyond feedback scores; we’ll put measures in place to ensure you get long term results and a considerable return on investment.

Our experience includes delivering diverse programmes across the world, from apprentices to Executive Boards, and from individuals to audiences of 15,000. We’ve delivered diverse experiential training courses for numerous clients that include Global Radio, HM Treasury and The Institute For Government.

Simply put, and broadly speaking, we specialise in communication: as such, the subject of our training has varied immensely. Popular topics include: creating the perfect pitch; customer service excellence; difficult conversations; influencing ethically; negotiation skills; resilience; unconscious bias; the art of leadership; the power of storytelling; and more.

A room of VIPs

A room of VIPs

Every participant is a VIP to us. We read our audience and form genuine connections in order to inspire your people to action. In brief, we care. Big time.

S, M, L - or Xtra Learning!

S, M, L - or Xtra Learning!

One size does not fit all. We cater for all learning styles and use a variety of training methods to leave participants empowered, informed and inspired.



We’ll get the results you require and more. Our ongoing support comes as standard and ensures your return of investment is both tangible and long-lasting.

Recent participant feedback:

  • “This has been the most enjoyable and informative course I have attended. I felt relaxed and able to fully participate. It’s the first course I have been on where I never looked at the clock once in 2 days!”

  • “It is one of the best courses I have ever done, I give credit to those who gave the course but also they way they did it, thank you!”

  • “The course and support offered by the trainers is excellent and will help me no end in my daily role, now and in the future. Thank you!”

  • “No improvements required – best delivery I’ve ever seen.”

  • “The best course I’ve done since joining the business, extremely useful tools that I’ve taken away. Sad there isn’t more.”

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