General Questions

Do you supply your services across the UK?

Yes, we offer a nationwide service.

Do you supply your services in other countries?

Yes, we regularly work abroad. We have provided our services across 5 continents to date.

How much do your services cost?

Costs are dependant on the nature of your project. Get in touch and we can give you an initial ballpark figure or even a full estimate if your exact requirements are known.

Experiential Learning

How do you define 'experiential learning'?

Whether it takes place live or online, it is learning through a careful balance of activity, discussion and reflection, which includes immersive practical exercises.  Other methods of learning have their place and their merits, but we believe lasting change takes place through practical experience. To use a simple example; consider how effective learning to drive would be by reading an instruction manual, without ever having the opportunity to get behind the wheel.

What size of audience is ideal?

It partly depends on the subject matter. We can discuss your requirements and recommend group size accordingly. We generally recommend a group size of twelve in order to optimize practice.

What subject matters do you cover?

Simply put, and broadly speaking, we specialise in communication. As such, the subjects that we cover have varied immensely, from customer service to suicide prevention.


If I require numerous actors can you help?

Yes. We can provide numerous actors with no compromise to quality.

We are a training provider and wish to use actors with our client – are you able to help?

Yes. We have long established relationships with many training consultants that share our values, and frequently provide actors to complement their services.

We don’t need help with the design or writing, so is it possible to simply provide us with actors to perform our own material?

Yes and we treat all material as confidential.

I’d love to use actors but any mention of ‘role-play’ fills my staff with dread! Can you ease my concerns?

Yes. We understand as role-play delivered badly can be counterproductive. Our actors are among the best in the field and are skilled to encourage even the most unlikely participants to contribute with enthusiasm, whether live or online.

Are the actors you provide ‘resting’ actors, models or extras?

No. Our actors are all working professionals, who work in theatre, television and film as well as in business. We are careful in our selection process to ensure that our team are of the highest quality, in experience, talent and temperament.

NV Films

We have our own production team – can you provide just the actors?

Yes. You are not obliged to use our production team.

Can you provide subtitles for our film(s)?

Yes and can also provide translation services if required.

We need existing footage editing – can you do this?

Yes, subject to any copyright restrictions.