Keeping it real

Role-play can be a cringe-worthy experience but only when it's not done right.
We go to great lengths to find role-players that make it look effortless.

Our team are:

Trained professional actors
Experienced in business
Conscientious and down-to earth

Our actors are chosen by us, trained in our way of working, and abide by our belief that role-play is not about them but all about the participants.

A flexible friend

A flexible friend

Role-play can be used for recruitment, development, assessment and more. Few other methods can be impartial, expose behavioral habits and reveal competency levels in one tidy package. Simply put, role-play can be of benefit in any situation where there is human interaction. Take a look at our role-play checklist on how to get the best out of this powerful method.



As specialists in this field, we believe that a vital ingredient of successful role-play is the use of carefully selected, professionally trained actors. We’ve been providing the finest role-players for nearly 20 years and our methods allow participants to be the role they know best: themselves. Regular clients include: BBC Studios, Cranfield School of Management and The Royal Palaces.

No artificial ingredients

No artificial ingredients

Our skilled team can seduce even the most unlikely participant to contribute with enthusiasm. Our actors bring realism to what can otherwise be perceived as an artificial role-play scenario. The conversation will flow naturally so you can learn about your people as they learn about themselves. With us, participants no longer roll their eyes to role-play.

You may already have a clear idea of how to use role-play, but if not, here are a few typical methods for some inspiration:

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Briefed role-play

Actors improvise with participants in accordance to a brief. This role-play method gives participants the opportunity to test and/or develop their skills on a human guinea pig.


Participants fill out a questionnaire about a forthcoming specific conversation that they may be nervous or uncertain about. Based on the information given, and with due confidentiality, our actors then interpret the characteristics of the conversation and a ‘real’ play conversation takes place - with this method, life really can be a dress rehearsal.

Reflection role-play

Participants discuss a previous workplace conversation that didn’t result in their preferred outcome. By exploring some of the challenges of the conversation, with the benefit of hindsight, participants can then explore options through role-play as to how the conversation could have been more effective for them. This method embeds learning from the past and builds confidence for the future.

Forum theatre

Actors present a scenario specific to your project and issues. The observers are then given the opportunity to re-watch, but this time stop and change the action when they feel improvements can be made. The action can be rewound and replayed according to the comments. Feedback continues until the scenario becomes a demonstration of ‘best practice’.

If required, our actors can also deliver feedback after role-play and we don’t leave this to chance. We train our team on how to deliver observations that are high quality, specific and detailed, and as a result, many individuals report finding such feedback invaluable.

Recent participant feedback:

  • “The NV role plays raised excellent discussions - relevant learning beyond what I expected.”

  • “I have way more confidence now in conducting one-to-ones, NV actors superb!”

  • “Role play was invaluable. Would sacrifice theory for practical every time.”

  • “The role-play sessions were very challenging but rewarding. With the added bonus of helpful, intelligent and considered feedback.”

  • “The benefit of role play is often compromised by colleagues having to act 'in character'. The use of NV role-players made the scenarios very much more realistic.”

  • “The day with NV role-players was excellent - relaxed, friendly and a very effective way to learn.”

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