Read me like a book

There is a thought-provoking phrase ‘there is no reality, only perception’, and this phrase is a useful reference when introducing the fascinating subject of body language.

Body language is something that every one of us has been both interpreting and practising from birth, yet it remains a fertile ground for study. Those of us who now choose to consciously study the subject in adulthood can increase our sensitivity to those around us, as well as increasing our own effectiveness as communicators.

It’s regrettable then that in business today, body language is a subject that is often misunderstood, mistaught, or even sometimes dismissed as mumbo-jumbo. But we assert that it is one of the most important aspects – some say the most important aspect – of communication, and those who don’t appreciate its value miss out.

Reading the non-verbal signals of our fellow humans, and raising the awareness of one’s own body language ‘tells’ make for stimulating study. Our body language workshops collate the latest research and use a variety of media including original films, as well as role-play, forum theatre and unique exercises to bring the subject to life in the most dynamic way.

Body language is so much more than the frequently cited ‘crossed arms = defensive’ line. It is certainly a subject that is of endless fascination for us, and when it is studied via experiential training it never fails to generate equal fascination in others.

Our favourite authors on the subject include: Paul Ekman, Desmond Morris and Joe Navarro.

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