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TATA Steel

Entrusted to design and deliver a global training programme that helped achieve over £100 million uplift in sales.

We have had a long association with Tata Steel (and as they were previously known, Corus) and during this time we have designed major training programmes that we’ve delivered across Europe, the Nordics and the USA.

For the last 4 years we have been providing experiential training to different functions on the subject of Customer Service Excellence. As part of these programmes we have also provided individual coaching to around 300 people.

Another significant project was to build a Negotiation Skills course that was required to transform sales in a difficult global environment. We were given a specific target to see if we could help produce £111m uplift in sales over the following 2 years. This target was reached – in fact exceeded – before the 2 year timeframe, and whilst we wouldn’t wish to claim all the credit the Director of Pricing reported that the course helped deliver ‘a substantial and substantive difference to our business’. We were recognized with an HR Excellence Award for this programme.

“After working with NV over the years, they are now my go-to training solution partner of choice. Why? Well, not only are NV adept at developing highly creative and engaging training programmes, but their delivery approach is all about the people - it’s highly empathetic and therefore incredibly effective. The final result is a truly authentic and personal training experience, for every unique individual who attends one of their programmes”.
Director Customer Services & E-commerce

“The team at NV delivered a tailor made programme… I’ve had very positive feedback from my team around the enthusiasm, commitment and drive from the trainers to really work with the team to improve their skills. The follow up coaching after the course has also been very successful and allowed the team to really make noticeable changes in their approach to the role. Many thanks to Nicci and the team for their faultless delivery.”
Head of Customer Value Creation

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