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In our decade long partnership we have produced nearly 100 films for this client alone.

Recent projects have included the production of the ‘Global Induction’ video, a series of films around the subject of ethics and hard-hitting dramas around the crucial importance of safety.

Although we have made many films for Rolls-Royce, our other work with this client includes designing and delivering numerous training courses, assisting in the shaping and running of assessment centres and - perhaps most notably - we have been the sole external contributor to major international leadership conferences.

Rolls-Royce plc takes pride in their statement ‘Trusted to Deliver Excellence’, and their exacting standards require nothing less from their creative partner.

"I am writing to express my personal thanks for the time, expertise and energy that you so generously contributed to the Leadership in Action programme. Thank you for your help to deliver a unique, compelling and impactful programme."
From the office of the Chief Executive ​

"NV pride themselves on getting close to the business and subject matter, which enables them to deliver on point messaging in a style that is credible to our audience. We have a history of utilizing NV Management with great success. Their feedback is always outstanding."
HR Director Engineering/Operations ​

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