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Cranfield School of Management

We provide regular skills practice and coaching for one of Cranfield’s most prestigious executive leadership programmes.

We were asked to design an experiential activity that would be both a complement and a stretch from the academic theory of the previous modules.

Every Cranfield student brings their own challenging case study for discussion, and – by bringing it to life in a discreet, self-contained ‘goldfish bowl’ - this forms the basis of a rich and stimulating developmental exercise. Our team not only act as facilitators and role-players in this activity but also provide one-to-one coaching support which the executives find invaluable.

“The experience of actually undertaking practice one-to-ones was incredibly insightful. Superb feedback from the NV role-players. I learnt several key lessons immediately that I’ll never forget!”

“Brilliant ‘skills practice’, I was never made to feel wrong or uneasy”.
Participant feedback

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